Debt Help

If you’re having money worries your first thought may be that the last thing you want to do is talk to a complete stranger about them. But sometimes this can help.

When to ask for help

Debt advice is free and available to anyone. If you are not sure whether you need debt advice then being aware of some of the warning signs may help:

  • You're worried about money and paying back what you owe - your debts feel like a huge burden
  • You're dealing with difficult circumstances which are making it difficult for you to manage your money
  • You're regularly spending more than you earn
  • You're struggling to pay your mortgage or rent; your utility bills or credit card payments
  • You can't manage your day to day spending without relying on your credit card
  • You're being contacted about unpaid bills and missed payments

Where to find free, confidential advice:

You don’t need to struggle on alone with your debt worries. If you wanted to talk things through with an experienced debt adviser before you make a decision about what to do then some of the non for profit debt advise charities are listed below: